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 * Some of the website items may have already sold at our yearly Craft shows. Similar items can be purchased and / or custom orders made by contacting me through this website or through the Red Hands Co-op facebook page

"Beach Glass Damselfly"
 Five pieces of beach glass on a solid non-tarnish silver over copper frame, contrasted with Antique Brass wire creates this beauty...
Includes Suede neckpiece
50mm by 60mm

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 "Grecian Olive Tree"
My interpretation of an old Greek Olive tree with a Bloodstone bead as an olive...Antique Brass wire as the wood and Clear Quartz as the flowers...double wrapped Square Copper wire hoop...
48mm by 48mm
21" Copper link chain




"Abstract Beach Glass Sea Turtle"
 A different twist to a Sea Turtle Impression with beach glass...
Includes Suede neckpiece
40mm by 60mm

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"Chakra Tree"
Smokey Quartz, Carnelian, Citrine, Peridot, Blue Topez, Amethyst and Clear Quartz...
45mm by 45mm hand-formed hoop
Silver-Plated wire..



"Hematite Donut with Dragonfly"
A blend of silver and black...30mm Hematite stone...Silver- Plated wire...metallic dragonfly...
20" Black metallic chain




 "Petrified Opal"
A circular Petrified Opal bead is the focal point of this piece...flanked by Baltic Amber and Hematite beads..the colors remind me of Africa...hence the spotted print backdrop...
18" Black Metallic link chain




"Copper Indian Elephant Bracelet"
A play of Copper and Hematite...8mm shiny Copper bead amid 6mm Hematite beads...Copper and Hematite links...Copper Lobster clasp...Hematite link chain...with a decorative Copper Indian Elephant charm (17mm by 23mm) as the focal point...
8 inch length (can be adjusted)


"African Jade and Shell Bracelet"
I love earthy colors...browns and we have African Jade with hues that range from white, greens to brown tones...contrasted with Natural Shells and dark metallic filigree beads ...Antique Brass Lobster clasp and rings...
7 1/2 in total length



"Duo Quartz Tree"
A combination of Clear Quartz and Golden Rutilated Quartz sets this piece...Brown Smokey Quartz Artistic wire as the wood blends the colors well..
45mm by 45mm
21 1/2" Antique Brass chain